The VPro5 is a non-invasive, at-home use orthodontic instrument from the Propel brand. With a growing need for easy-to-use, comfortable, and efficient orthodontic solutions, Propel has developed the VPro5 to give Invisalign® patients a resource for improving the final results of their treatment. At the office of Dr. Robert Christ, we frequently recommend the VPro5 to our Invisalign® patients because it speeds up the treatment process and enhances the final results.

What is the VPro5?

A lot of our patients are surprised to learn that the VPro5 uses only high-frequency vibrations to improve the results of Invisalign® retainer treatments. Patients use the device at home according to easy-to-follow instructions prescribed by our doctors and because it can be done at home, Vpro5 is a convenient treatment enhancement option that can benefit most Invisalign® and implant patients.

How Does the VPro5 Work?

The VPro5 is a device that offers truly monumental results! Using a special high-frequency vibration, the Vpro5 is minimally invasive. One of the most important ways that the VPro5 works is by ensuring that patients’ Invisalign® aligners are fully and correctly seated. When Invisalign® aligners are properly seated for the recommended period of time after using the VPro5, patients can expect to see faster, more dramatic results from the Invisalign® aligners.

The VPro5 logs the time and date of each usage, so when our patients come in for an appointment, we review the VPro5 logs to make sure the patient has complied with the correct procedures that we have prescribed. This feature of the VPro5 makes it more likely that our patients will follow the correct guidelines, which improves the final results of Invisalign® treatments. The logging function is particularly useful for our teenage patients! It can be fun for patients to review the VPro5 logs during appointments because they can see the progress that’s been made since their last appointment.

What are the Benefits of the VPro5?

Besides diminishing the amount of time that patients are in treatment with Invisalign® aligners, the VPro5 can also help them maintain results after Invisalign®! The high-frequency vibrations produced by the VPro5 have some notable benefits, including:

  • Higher treatment result predictability; increased treatment effectiveness
  • Minimized discomfort
  • Increased patient compliance with usage/maintenance requirements
  • Fewer refinements required
  • Happier patients!

The VPro5 works particularly well to help ensure proper seating of Invisalign® aligners. When the aligners are seated correctly, patients report lower levels of discomfort overall, and they also notice visible results in a shorter period of time. We can often change aligners sooner when patients use the VPro5 reliably, which means that our VPro5 patients progress faster toward healthier, more beautiful teeth.

How to Use the VPro5

Using the VPro5 is simple and straightforward. Because most Invisalign® patients lead busy lives with full schedules, it’s important that these patients have accessible tools that are easy to incorporate into an active lifestyle. With only 5 minutes of use 2 times per day, patient compliance is high, which makes it possible for us to help our patients even more effectively.

Here are some of our guidelines for using the VPro5:

  • Use the VPro5 each night when you put in your aligners for the last time of the day. For our patients, this time is generally either right after dinner or immediately before going to sleep. Additionally, the patient will use it in the morning when getting dressed.
  • When biting down on the device to hold it in the proper placement, make sure to maintain the same pressure and positioning for the duration of the treatment.
  • The VPro5 is set at 120 hertz and used 2 times per day for 5 minutes.
  • Make sure to rinse and dry the VPro5 mouthpiece after every use.
  • Make sure to charge your VPro5 regularly, remembering to remove the mouthpiece when charging.

Talk to one of our dentists for more detailed instructions on how to properly use the VPro5 for best results.

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