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Comprehensive Dentistry

At the Center for Dental Excellence East Lake, our doctors look at the patient’s dental needs in terms of the bigger picture. Nothing in the body works in isolation from the other parts. Everything is connected! Comprehensive dentistry looks at more than just the teeth and gums and views dental care in terms of the whole body and general well-being as opposed to focusing on a specific tooth or localized pain.

As restorative and cosmetic dentists using a comprehensive approach, Dr. Christ and Dr. Nowicki take all of the surrounding facial structures as well as the patient’s overall health into consideration during the exam and treatment. Comprehensive dentistry is a human approach that views each patient as a unique, whole individual with feelings and psychological needs as well as physical needs. It’s all about the general well-being of the patient, physically, mentally, and emotionally! In order to meet all of these needs, we try to educate our patients, provide minimal conscious sedation while needed, and consider the biology of each individual patient during the development of our treatment plan for the patients.

Benefits of Comprehensive Dentistry
with the Center for Dental Excellence East Lake

If you’ve never visited a comprehensive dentist, you’d probably be surprised to learn about how your dental health affects your overall well-being! One of the biggest benefits of comprehensive dentistry over traditional dentistry is that comprehensive corrective care seeks to restore balance throughout the mouth as well as the body. Other benefits include the following:

  • Comprehensive dentistry views each patient as a unique individual and a whole person.
  • The general health, medications patients are taking, the patient’s nutritional status and level of stress as well as self-care habits are all taken into consideration when examining and treating the patient.
  • Soft tissues of the mouth are visually and manually inspected with great precision to ensure that there are no abnormalities. If abnormalities are found, treatment is recommended to correct these problems.
  • Dental restorations are always performed with an overall view of the mouth to ensure that all of the teeth will benefit from the treatment.
  • Comprehensive dentists have advanced training in examining and treating “bite” or occlusion problems. Corrective measures are recommended.
  • Minimal conscious sedation is used to help the anxious patient. This helps to relax the patient during treatment.


After the examination, our doctors will discuss your dental condition as well as the treatment protocol with you. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the causes and treatment options available to you. We strive to educate our patients about the treatment process to make sure they fully understand how it will benefit them. The more that you know about your dental issues, the easier it will be to prevent future issues from arising. At the Center for Dental Excellence East Lake, Dr. Christ & Dr. Nowicki view education as an important part of the treatment process.

Minimal Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Using minimal conscious sedation during dental procedures, we ensure that patients are comfortable and anxiety-free throughout the treatment process. During treatment, you’ll be aware and able to respond to the dentist and staff, but you’ll feel very relaxed and comfortable. Using a comprehensive approach we strive to ensure that when the treatment is complete that you’ll feel very little discomfort and experience a quick recovery.

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